Secondary level (13-17yrs)

The Montessori program for the young adult from age thirteen to seventeen is very different from that of traditional schools. Dr. Montessori felt that because of the rapid growth, the increased need for sleep, and hormonal changes, it is “counterproductive” to try to force the adolescent to concentrate on intellectual work.

Having said that, Sri Ayesha is putting greater emphasis in the area of al-Qur’an through the al-Huffaz method to ‘regulate’ the brain on a daily basis as well as a tool for spiritual uplifting. This is the continuation of their early program during Primary level. Apart from the regular syllabus required by MOE to sit for  National Exam PT3 and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia; students will be introduced to more challenging new skills in leadership, debating and public speaking, entrepreneurship, and community services.

Alhamdulillah, base on our first rollout of these methods, focus and emphasization, we have seen tremendous growth in their social, intellectual and emotional aspect of adolescence. The students managed to earn their place in local, national and international communities by participating and winning a series of competitions such as Hifzul Qu’ran, interschool and regional Debates and Public Speaking as well as government scholarships and student awards. Apart from that, positive exposure in the real world has been designed by the school to create awareness of their surroundings.

Just like the primary school, there is a standardized curriculum for secondary school as well. Designed and implemented to ensure consistency in learning standards, students’ level of achievement is measured through general examinations at the end of each year. In addition, Form 3 and Form 5 students are also required to sit for two national examinations (PT3 and SPM) set by the Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia.  As an added advantage, our students will be sitting for a state-level exam (Sijil Menengah Agama) set up by the Education department of  the State Religious Council when they are in Form 4.


The Secondary school teachers teach one or more national and JAIS curriculum subjects to pupils aged 12-17 year of age. The teachers encourage, monitor and record the progress of their pupils. They plan the lessons in line with the MOE and JAIS objectives with the aim to ensure a healthy culture of learning among the students. Sri Ayesha teachers believe that every student is unique and each student is waiting to be discovered and developed. The supportive environment in Sri Ayesha enables students to achieve their full potential.

The Sri Ayesha Secondary School is a place to learn and grow together!