Primary level (7-12 yrs)

From age seven, students will be taught to be accountable and responsible for their commitment in the pursuit of knowledge. Students will use the Class Contract to complete their lessons on a weekly basis while the adults (teachers and parents) guide them in managing their work. The Contract will oversee the students’ progress in the following programs:

  • Academic subjects – similar to those of government schools;
  • JAIS subjects – in-depth study of Islam and religious subjects set by the Education Department of JAIS;
  • Al-Qur’an – level Iqra, Tahseen and Tahfeez;
  • Co-curriculum activities

Teacher ratio: 1:1 and 1:20+

At level 1, Sri Ayesha placed 2 teachers per classroom, i.e. a class teacher and a subject teacher to optimize the learning experience. Rather than lecturing to a large group of students, the teacher is trained to teach one child at a time, and to oversee twenty and more students’ students working on a broad array of tasks. He/she is facile in the basic lessons of math, language, the arts and sciences, and in guiding a student’s research and exploration, capitalizing on his/her interest and excitement about a subject.

Character education

Education of character is considered equally important with academic education, students learning to take care of themselves, their environment, each other – food preparation, cleaning, gardening, moving gracefully, speaking politely, being considerate and helpful, doing social work in the community, etc.


A series of after-school programs and club activities are being organized to complement the learning experience in the classroom. The programs are:

  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Arts & Craft
  • Tae-Kwon-Do  & Silat
  • Nasheeds and Kompang
  • Robotics
  • Debate and Public Speaking
  • Chess & Scrabble
  • Drama & Theater
  • Soccer & Netball
  • Puteri Islam
  • Boys Scout