Sri Ayesha seeks to enroll students in kindergarten – primary – secondary  who show promise and proven ability and who are enthusiastic and eager to learn.  Admission is competitive and applicants for each level are reviewed (and interviewed) on the basis of their academic record (grades, test scores, and teacher recommendations), character, and extracurricular interests and talents.



How to enroll your child into Sri Ayesha
To enroll, these are the steps:
1. Complete the registration form, bring a copy of your child’s MyKid and birth certificate and pay the registration fee.
[You can get the form directly from our office or download this pdf form here >> REGISTRATION FORM 2022 ]
2. We will schedule a placement test and an interview with parents.
3. Admission will be based on the test results and interview; subject to space availability.  We will give priority to our current students.
1.Registration fee: RM 250
2.Annual Material fees [range RM600 – RM 950]
3. Annual Tuition fee [range RM3,600 – RM6,000]
4. Food (Snack and lunch) [RM180 per month adjustable yearly based on caterer’s cost]
We provide a comfort, safe and secure transport service from your home to school.