Primary Level

Ages 7-12

At this crucial stage, students are nurtured to embrace accountability and responsibility in their quest for knowledge. Through the Class Contract, completed weekly, students are guided by both teachers and parents in managing their academic workload.


Integrated School Program: Islamic Insights, Academic Excellence!

Welcome to our Standard Educational Program, aligned with the Malaysian Ministry of Education’s KSSR (Primary Level), KSSM (Secondary Level) and JAIS. Here’s a glimpse into what we offer:

Academic Subjects

Mirroring the curriculum of government schools, students engage in a comprehensive range of subjects.

JAIS Subjects

Delve into the depth of Islam and religious studies as set by the Education Department of JAIS


Students progress through levels of Iqra, Tahseen, and Tahfeez, fostering a deep understanding of Islamic teachings.

Co-curriculum Activities

A holistic approach is taken, ensuring students participate in a well-rounded educational experience.

In each classroom, we prioritize individualized attention, with a ratio of at least three teachers per class. This approach optimizes the learning journey, allowing for personalized instruction and support. Our educators are adept at guiding students through various tasks, capitalizing on their interests and fostering a love for learning.

Character Education

We believe that character development is as crucial as academic achievement. Students are encouraged to cultivate self-care habits, respect for the environment, and compassion towards others. From food preparation to community service, our students learn the importance of kindness, responsibility, and empathy.


Beyond the classroom, our after-school programs and club activities enrich the learning experience. These initiatives complement academic pursuits, providing students with opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and community engagement.

Explore more about our school and the diverse learning opportunities we offer. Join us on this journey of transformation, where potential blossoms into greatness.