How do I enroll my child into Sri Ayesha?
To enroll, these are the steps:
1. Complete the registration form and pay the registration fee. [ REGISTRATION FORM ]
2. We will schedule a placement test for your child and an interview with parents.
3. Admission will be based on the test results and parents’ interview; subject to space availability.  We will give priority to our current students.

When will the new enrollment begin?
1. For the current students, the re-enrollment starts in May.
2. For new students, there will be a placement test normally scheduled in the month of June/July.  The result of the test will be announced in August for the following’s year intake.
3. Since there’re many interest for enrollment (and some parents missed out the date), you may enroll anytime thru admission procedures.

Do I need to pay for a new registration?
Yes.  There’s a new registration fee of RM250 and this is non-refundable.

What kind of documents on my child that the school need for a new enrollment?
1. MyKad and copy of birth certificate.
2. A copy of previous school’s report card & UPSR / PSRA / PT3 or similar
3. Student’s discipline record from previous school.

What is the fee structure?
1. Annual Material fees [range RM900 – RM 1,150]
2. Annual Tuition fee [range RM3,600 – RM7,000]
3. Food (Snack and lunch) –  based on the caterer’s cost
Please call our office for the latest fee structures.

Can I get refund if I decide to move to a different school before the end of the school calendar year?
No. The fee you paid is based on the space’s reserved for your child for the whole year.  By accepting your child, the school will have to decline others (whom otherwise will take up the space).

Do you provide transportation?
Yes, we do.  We  provide a comfort, safe, and secure transportation service from your home to school. Please contact office for space availability and cost.